Travelling from Mumbai to Chennai


Mumbai is the home to the Indian film industry and the chiefly it is the capital of Maharashtra. The city’s population is anticipated to be nearly 25 million. Mumbai also has a large number of important structures and buildings like The Reserve Bank of India, Gate way Of India, The Stock Exchange. It also has a few temples and shrines that are visited by thousands of people each year. The air route from Chennai to Mumbai is one of the busiest routes after Delhi in India.

This is because the two cities are not very well connected by the railways and the road ways. If travelling by train or by road the journey takes more than 24 hours. This can get very tiring and stressful. On the other hand a flight would take just 2 hours to reach from Mumbai to Chennai. The options in fare are so vast that they can include a common man’s budget as well as a rich man’s budget. There are many airlines that are exorbitantly priced they can charge from Rs 20,000 to Rs 50,000 for an air ticket from Mumbai to Chennai.

For all the people who thought those cheap fares were a past history let me tell you that there are several ways by which you can ensure that you get the cheapest flights. Chennai is the capital city of Tamil Nadu. It was earlier known as Madras. This beautiful city is located on the Coromandel Coast which lies in the Bay of Bengal. The city of Chennai got its name from the Chennai Perumal Temple.

The popular tourist attractions in the city are the Kaapaleshwar temple Ashtalakshmi temple, Parthasarathy Temple, Adeeswar Temple, Guindy Snake Park Santhome Cathedral Basilica, Government Museum, St. Mary’s Church, St. Thomas Mount, Theosophical Society, Thousand Lights Mosque, Kamaraj Memorial House, National Art Gallery, Senate House, Fort St. George, Madras High Court, Freemasons Hall, Valluvar Kottam and the MGR Memorial. The best option is to book your air tickets well in advance.

And with this one can save as much as 65% of the basic fare. Many airlines offer huge discounts if you book tickets 15 days prior to your date of travel however if you book your ticket a day or two or perhaps on the day of travel then you could land up paying twice the amount for your ticket than the original. There are many trains also that operate from Mumbai to Chennai. The journey takes more than 15 hours. The journey is very comfortable and one can book tickets on the internet as well. The option of driving for Mumbai to Chennai is not very sensible since it’s a long journey.